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Mother-Son Wedding Song Ideas

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Answers to Your Mother of the Groom Etiquette Questions

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Wedding Engagement Party: When Does the Engagement Party Take Place?

We are being pressured by the mother of the groom to have an engagement party for our newly engaged daughter and future son-in-law. The wedding is a ways away, after college graduation and jobs are secured. I say throwing a wedding engagement party now is precipitous, and I would like to wait. Also, which side of the family is responsible for such a party, or can either side initiate it?

Wedding Family Matters: What Do the Groom's Parents Pay For in a Wedding?

What do the parents of the groom pay for? My son is getting married in August, and I'm not sure what my husband and I should cover.

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Wedding Food & Drink: Alternatives to Chicken?

My wedding is going to be a formal evening affair at a lovely club, but I am having a tough time selecting an entree for the wedding reception. My future mother-in-law (who is paying for almost our entire wedding) said to just select a chicken dish, and not get hung up on serving something fancy. She is being a real stickler on this point. I know that "everyone likes chicken", but I was hoping for something a little different. Are there any other wedding reception dinner options you can suggest?

Divorced Parents: Wedding Presentation Etiquette for Divorced Parents?

How should divorced parents walk into the wedding reception? My mother will be alone, and my fiance's mom doesn't want to walk in with her ex who has been remarried for about 14 years. What can I do?

Divorced Parents: Wedding Receiving Line Etiquette for Divorced Parents?

My fiance's parents are divorced and are not on good terms. How should I place them in the wedding receiving line, and should their spouses be included?

Wedding Family Matters: Birth Mother at the Wedding?

My oldest son is getting married next fall. I love his fiance and I'm thrilled with their decision. The only problem is that my son, who we adopted at birth, wants to invite his birth mother (whom we recently found) to the wedding. I have always been grateful to her for giving life to my son and for her decision to give him up for adoption, but I do not want to share this day with her. When my son realized I was a little less than thrilled with the idea he immediately dropped it, but now I feel guilty! Should I? What is proper in this case?

Wedding Family Matters: Mother-in-law Thinks I Want a Cheap Wedding!

This may sound kind of funny, but I am having trouble with my future mother in law trying to save us too much money on the wedding! I knew even before I met my fiance what kind of wedding I wanted, and I am more than willing to pay the extra money for it! For example, my niece will be my flower girl, and I want her dress to coordinate with my tulle dress, but my MIL suggested we buy a flower girl dress cheaply from one of her relatives, even though it's satin and not what I am looking for. It's getting to the point where I can't even tell her anything about the wedding, because she will replace all my ideas with cheaper ones! I really like my fiance's mother, and I don't want to hurt her feelings, but this is getting annoying!

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner: Can the Bride and Groom Host the Rehearsal Dinner?

Is it improper for the bride and groom to host the rehearsal dinner?

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner: Do I Invite Fiance's Parents if They Won't Pay for Rehearsal Dinner?

My fiance's family either has no idea they are supposed to host a rehearsal dinner or they just don't care! My parents can't afford to host (they are already shelling out big bucks for me, so I won't ask for more), but they suggested I have everyone come to my house and have it catered (my fiance and I will pay for it). Aside from their ignorance of wedding customs, my fiance's divorced parents hate each other. Would it be really awful if I did not invite them to the rehearsal dinner?