Wedding Child Attendants: How Many Flower Girls Can I Have?

by The Knot

Help! I've been getting strange looks from my friends after telling them I want to have six flower girls in our wedding. Instead of having my four sisters as bridesmaids, I thought I'd honor them by having their children in the wedding ceremony. Is that terrible? I haven't asked them yet for fear of being shot down. What do I do?


Here's what you do. Tell your friends that in Victorian England, having child attendants was all the rage! Yours is not a bizarre idea. The only problem may be with your four sisters: While they'll no doubt be touched that you want to include their children in your wedding, they may not get why you're not asking them to be bridesmaids. Keep in mind that you can have your sisters as bridesmaids and their kids as flower girls. In fact, it would be completely amazing to have each one walk down the aisle holding her mom's hand! If your sisters don't have a problem with not being in the wedding and you would rather it just be the little girls, then that's just fine too.

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