Q&A: Music & Dancing: Music Mix to Set the Mood?

by the Knot

I don't know what kind of music I want for our reception. It will be held on the beautiful grounds of our city's art museum, which has an old-fashioned garden feel and was once the estate of a well-known local family. The wedding is in September -- if weather permits, the music and dance floor can be outside. Because of this setup, my mother and I are opposed to a DJ, yet I would like to have a variety of music played.


It sounds like hiring a great band to perform big band tunes (Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter) is in order. Swing is in these days, and can be very glamorous at a wedding. You'll probably want a versatile group that can also play some contemporary tunes -- a few Beatles songs and the like -- but wouldn't dream of breaking into the Macarena. Once you find a suitable group, talk to them about the atmosphere you're trying to create and make sure they see the site where they'll be playing (you'll need to see how much space there is to determine how many pieces you can have). And collaborate with them on an appropriate song list to guarantee you get the sounds you desire.

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