Wedding Guest List: Invite the Whole Office to the Wedding?


I work in a small medical clinic where everyone knows everyone. While I have several close friends there, there are a few people I would rather not invite to my wedding. What is the best way to go about this without upsetting anyone?


This is a hard one, because it really depends on your office. Inviting only select coworkers you also consider friends is easier in a large, corporate office, where most of your colleagues don't expect to be invited. Sometimes it's more difficult in a close-knit office, where you're all chatting with each other all day (and you're telling people about your wedding plans!). That said, you don't have to invite each and every coworker to your wedding, and you certainly don't have to invite anyone you don't want there, coworker or not.

Just be very tactful about inviting the colleagues you do want. Send the invites to their homes -- don't bring them to the office -- and let them know that you would rather they didn't talk about it at work out of courtesy to those you didn't invite. Depending on how you think the uninvited coworkers will react, you might want to prepare yourself; if anyone confronts you about not being invited, you can always fall back on "Our guest list was getting out of control" or "We could only afford to invite so many people" if you feel you need to. Okay, so maybe things will be a bit tense around the office for a while. But you shouldn't feel bad or guilty. It's your wedding, and you create your guest list.

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