Bridal Beauty: Must I Wear Wedding Makeup?


I don't wear makeup -- ever. My wedding is in August and it will be hot, plus, my face will be tan. Do I have to wear makeup on my wedding day?


Wearing makeup doesn't have to mean looking made-up. A good, professional makeup artist will be able to beautifully enhance your features (without making you look completely unnatural). Many photographers suggest brides wear at least a little makeup so they don't appear washed-out in wedding photos. Go to a department store cosmetics counter and ask for a makeover. Tell the makeup artist that you're getting married and hardly ever wear makeup -- and that you want to look natural. Then see what you think of the results. If you don't plan on wearing makeup again after your wedding day, you don't have to learn how to put on the makeup yourself, or invest in hundreds of dollars worth of products and brushes. After your wedding makeup consultation , make an appointment with a makeup artist you like for the morning of the wedding. Put yourself in the hands of a professional and you'll look like a natural beauty.

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