Wedding Dressing Mom & Dad: Must Moms' Dresses Match at Wedding?


My mom ended up choosing a dress completely the opposite of what she was planning to get. Not only is it long, it's also ivory. Now my two mothers-in-law-to-be (one's a step) feel that they need to get long ivory dresses too. I know that technically they are supposed to coordinate length and color, but is it really that big of a deal?


No, it really isn't. Moms generally should wear dresses of similar formality -- long or knee-length -- but that's just so they all feel equally dressed up and no one feels underdressed. As far as color and style, each mom should wear a dress that flatters her the most in the color she looks best in. And of course, no two women have identical tastes! So let your two MILs know that they don't have to match your mom at the wedding. They can each choose the gown that best suits them. As long as they're not wearing sequins to your mom's understated silk, it's no problem.

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