Groom Style: Must the Groomsman Tuxes Match?

Q: My groomsmen and I would rather wear our own tuxes than rent them for the wedding. Will it seem strange that we have different lapels and notches? We're having a black-tie wedding, and I want us to look different than our male guests.

A: Don't worry too much about not being a perfect match -- if you own tuxes already, there's no sense in not using them! To make sure you and the guys stand out at the wedding, think outside the tux . Find ties that match the hue of bridesmaid dresses or bouquets. And definitely pipe up when it comes to choosing the wedding boutonnieres! These lapel flowers have come a long way since the carnation you wore to the prom. Choose an option that will gel with the other flowers in your wedding. Because most of your male guests will be in tuxes, touches like these are important and will help you and your guys stand out.

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by The Knot