Wedding Rehearsal Dinner: Do We Have to Invite Videographer to Rehearsal Dinner?


Must videographers be included in the rehearsal dinner? The videographer wants to come to the rehearsal "because it is a new church for him and he wants to familiarize himself with it." He even told me he intends to bring his wife! We kind of think it's a blatant ploy for a free meal. What do you think?


While who attends the rehearsal is your decision, it seems like your videographer is being proactive in wanting to learn about your site beforehand; you can't fault him for that. Often videographers want to get a feel for the ceremony location before it's filled with people and also have a chance to figure out who the VIP's of your wedding day are. Keep in mind that the actual rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner are two separate events. There might be benefits to inviting him to the dinner (capturing all those prewedding speeches and jitters on tape...), but if money is an issue you can gently explain that your videographer is welcome at the church for the ceremony rehearsal but you're limiting the guests at the actual dinner to friends and family.

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