Wedding Reception Style: Must We Match Our Reception Venue?


I have always dreamed of red as my wedding day color. But we are marrying at my parent's country club, and the main color in the carpet and on the walls is navy blue. Will this look okay?


In the best case, if where you're marrying has navy blue decor, you'd work within those constraints and choose complementary wedding colors : yellow, cream, taupe, pale blue. But you've always dreamed of a red wedding, so we say go for it! Include red details in your wedding attire, wedding flowers, and wedding cake. The more red accents you have, the less obvious the background will appear. To pull the look together, we would recommend incorporating tiny touches of navy blue into some of your day-of details. Consider navy blue cocktail napkins, blue-tinted glassware, or even escort cards adorned with one or two navy blue crystal beads.

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