Wedding Music & Dancing: How to Avoid Wedding Line Dances?


Do my wedding guests really expect the wedding band to play songs like 'Y.M.C.A.', 'The Electric Slide,' or the 'Macarena?' One of my bridesmaids made a joke about it the other day, and now I'm freaking out -- I guess they're sort of 'traditional,' but I really don't care for kitsch on the big day. Are we okay keeping these off of our wedding playlist?


You can absolutely skip it! Why would you sacrifice the mood of this important day just so your friends and relatives can do 'The Chicken Dance?' Line dances can be fun for a child's Communion or bar mitzvah, but if you want your wedding to really reflect your tastes, you can skip the tribute to The Village People. When you are creating your list of must-play songs for your band or DJ, you should feel free to include a separate section for your "under no circumstances shall these be played" picks. If you've already got the right mix of music keeping your guests on the floor, chances are no one will even notice you've skipped the silly songs.

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