Honeymoon: Must We See Friends on Honeymoon?


Friends of ours, a married couple, will be vacationing in Jamaica during the same week we'll be there -- a total coincidence. Are we obligated to spend time with them or can we play the role of reclusive honeymooners?


It's your honeymoon, so you're entitled to be as sociable or reclusive as you like. When you first arrive on the island, you'll probably want to unwind from your wedding and spend some much-needed time alone. Whether you're lying on the beach, chartering a sailboat for two, or simply shacking up in your room, you have every right to shut out the outside world. If, however, you and your fiance are social butterflies who don't mind surrendering your seclusion for a while, spend a few hours snorkeling with your friends, or set aside one night for a couples' dinner before the week is up. If your pals are being pushy about making everything a foursome, simply tell them that you're sorry but you have other plans -- and suggest that you get together once you're back home. If they take that as an insult, you should consider trading them in for more understanding friends.

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