My Date with Oscar de la Renta

by Jennie Ma
Oscar de la Renta

Ok so it was more like an interview and it might have happened in a private room in Bloomingdales and not over a romantic candlelit dinner but still I sat down with the great Mr. de la Renta and we locked eyes and had a deep and thought-provoking conversation. Watch the full video below (full disclosure I had the first date jitters!) or read some words of wisdom from the fashion master himself!

Besides the dress what else can a bride wear to make her feel special on her wedding day?

“A wedding is such a special day and your fragrance, like Something Blue, can commemorate that day and very special moment. And I think that special moment should happen on a regular basis. This is something that you not only wear on the day of your wedding but something you can wear forever afterwards."

What can a bride do to make her wedding memorable?

“There are so many ways to make a wedding memorable but the best is to be madly in the love with the guy you are marrying. That will make it memorable!"

What's your favorite styling secret you like to share with brides?

“The best styling secret is don't doubt yourself'!"

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