Find out Who Is Getting Married on MySpace!

The Knot has teamed up with MySpace to help one lucky couple plan their dream wedding. That is, with input from a few million of their closest friends.
by The Knot

MySpace received hundreds of entries from couples who wanted to win a free wedding planned with help from experts at The Knot and star in MySpace's new interactive reality series, Married on MySpace. Curious to see which couple made the final cut?

Check out the winning couple on Married on MySpace!

Now that the winning couple has been selected, you can tune in each week and watch Cofounder and Editor in Chief of The Knot, Carley Roney, and Editor of, Anja Winikka, use their wedding expertise to personally guide the bride and groom through the entire wedding-planning process.

The Knot will pull together the best the wedding world has to offer in everything from wedding dresses to cakes, flowers, and reception decor. Meanwhile, MySpace users will have the opportunity to vote on two key wedding elements each week. Throughout the planning process and in the weeks leading up to the wedding, Carley and Anja will offer the inside scoop on what's going on through their personal MySpace blogs and vlogs. The series will end with a live broadcast of the wedding.

Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of the first-ever wedding planned on MySpace!

Check it out at Married on MySpace .

Become our friends on MySpace:
The Knot Page
Carley's Page
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