How to Celebrate National Wedding Planning Day

AKA the best holiday ever.
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sarah hanlon entertainment and celebrity editor the knot
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Updated Feb 02, 2022

If you got engaged during proposal season and you haven't started planning, know that there's no better time to dive in than wedding planning season. (Yes, it's a real thing!) National Wedding Planning Day signifies the end of proposal season and the beginning of the ideal time for recently-engaged couples to kickstart their wedding planning journey. Wondering exactly how to start wedding planning? First things first, download The Knot App to make wedding planning even easier — from booking venue tours to updating your wedding website and adding gifts to your registry.

Looking to celebrate National Wedding Planning Day this year? Read on to learn all about our favorite holiday, as well as how you can participate and make the most out of wedding planning season.


When is National Wedding Planning Day?

National Wedding Planning Day is on March 1. The holiday originates back to 2017, when The Knot declared this date as the official start of wedding planning season and the end of proposal season. According to our previous studies, almost 40 percent of all proposals occur between November and February. Whether couples are in the midst of planning their nuptials or preparing to get started, March 1 serves as the kickoff to when many are ready to get serious about making wedding decisions.

What is National Wedding Planning Day?

National Wedding Planning Day is a holiday for couples to get inspired for their own wedding planning journey. Each year, The Knot connects with users to offer advice and answer wedding FAQs in real time. Past celebrations have included Facebook Live-a-Thons, giveaways, exclusive member perks and more. Not only can participants get answers to their burning wedding planning questions straight from industry experts, they can dicover fresh new trends and ideas straight from industry experts.

The Knot continues to plan a celebration that's bigger and better than the year before. You never know what you'll learn when you participate in National Wedding Planning Day.

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