Caribbean: Jamaica - Negril

Beach-lovers rejoice! A passion for sand, surf and sun are all that's required to fall in love with Negril.
by Lori Seto

Picture bliss: a laid-back, casual honeymoon on the shores of a seven-mile beach. With no building higher than the average palm tree, Negril's glitzy, all-inclusive resorts have a clear view of spectacular cliffs, blue seas, and stunning sunsets from Jamaica's west coast.

In a Word: Sun

Whether you're dancing on the sand or cheering the most spectacular sunset on the island, Negril's main attraction is that great big ball of fire in the sky.

Why We'd Go: 3 Features You'll Never Forget

  • Beach: The white-sand Seven Mile Beach is a stunner. Soft, silky sand and beautiful cerulean water at the ideal temperature will beckon you to abandon your beach towel. If you're visiting at mid-day, don't forget your flip flops: that alluring sand gets scorchingly hot!
  • Aqua sights: Negril's 10-mile coral reef encircles Booby Cay, where the blue-footed booby bird breeds and where portions of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea were filmed. More than 40 dive sites for all experience levels can be explored in the clear, calm waters on the west coast, also perfect for snorkeling, windsurfing, and sailing.
  • Reggae: Jump up -- and down and sideways! (Be forewarned: Dirty dancing is the norm here. Keep your man close at hand and watch your back!)

When to Go: Negril at its Best

  • Best weather: December to April. Rain (called "liquid sunshine") is common, especially in October.
  • Best prices: Mid-April to mid-December; exact dates vary by hotel. Hurricane season swirls from June to November (September is trickiest).
  • Festival highlights: Carnival, celebrated every May, is the highlight of the year (Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, and Kingston celebrate in April).

Photo: The Jamaica Tourist Board

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