How Many Couples Will Get Married on New Year's Eve?

Some couples will have two reasons to celebrate come New Year's Eve.
by Sophie Ross

Get ready to pop some champagne! According to our wedding stats for this year, tons of couples are choosing to say "I do" while celebrating New Year's Eve

Generally, December isn't a very popular month when it comes to weddings, with 64,546 total weddings this year and an average of a little over 176 weddings per day (compared to June, with 116,613 total weddings and an average of slightly over 319 weddings per day). But come New Year's Eve, there's a major spike in the number of nuptials—7,230 weddings will happen on December 31. The days leading up to it (December 29 and December 30) are popular days to tie the knot too, with 3,007 and 9,736 weddings, respectively. The first day of 2018 (New Year's Day) will see 3,083 weddings go down.

It definitely makes sense that to-be-weds get New Year's fever. Between abundant bottles of bubbly and the extra vacation days alotted for the holidays, it seems like an ideal time to celebrate on the dance floor all night long with your loved ones. 

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