Wedding Accessories: Nonfussy Wedding Headpiece Options?


I'm not planning on wearing a wedding veil, and I'm definitely not a tiara type of girl -- but I'd still like to accessorize my wedding hairstyle. Are there any non-fussy wedding headpiece options out there?


There is a wealth of low-maintenance, no-veil-required wedding headpiece options out there -- it all depends on how you're planning to wear your hair! Wearing your hair down can be dressed up with a jeweled comb or even a floral wreath. If you'd like to wear your hair down, but keep it away from your face, a headband (whether bejeweled or simply fabric) can be a lovely look. As for updos, if you've picked a bun or chignon, a back-piece (a barrette or comb that sits below the chignon and where a veil is often attached, but doesn't have to be) or a bun wrap (pretty self-explanatory) are two chic options. Another cool wedding updo option? Jeweled or beaded hair sticks, which will add some sparkle to your style and help keep it aloft. With any wedding hairstyle, a pretty choice can be a single fresh (or silk) flower -- whether tucked behind your hair or woven into an updo, a single bloom will match your bouquet and freshen up your style.

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