Wedding Etiquette: Non-Saturday Wedding Guidelines?


I know that most people get married on a Saturday, but how common is it to have a wedding on another day? Saturday weddings are so expensive and I am tossing around the idea of a Friday or Sunday evening wedding.


A budget-savvy bride must do what she can to cut costs, but before you decide to wed during the week, think about whether your traveling guests will have to take off work to attend. That said, a Friday or Sunday wedding is an excellent way to maintain a budget and it's also a way to have your reception site of choice on short notice. Sunday weddings seem to prolong the fun -- the rehearsal may be on Friday night with Saturday as a day to recuperate and finish up last-minute details before the Sunday event. A Friday night affair enables you to have a postwedding brunch or get-together on Saturday; then guests still have another day of the weekend to relax before heading back to the grind on Monday. Thursday night weddings are gaining popularity, especially for those of the Jewish faith, where Friday night and Saturday before-sundown events are off-limits. The rehearsals for a weeknight wedding can easily be the night or the weekend before, depending on whether members of the bridal party are from out of town. So don't stress. Opting for a wedding on a day other than Saturday is a great way to spend less, while still having the wedding you want.

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