Engagement Rings for the Philanthropic Bride-to-Be

Diamonds Unleashed engagement rings donate to nonprofits empowering young females worldwide.
by Avery Hutchinson
  1. Diamonds Unleashed Nonprofit Engagement Rings

    Are you a nonprofit and volunteer enthusiast who wants to make a difference, even when it comes to choosing an engagement ring? If so, consider a ring from Diamonds Unleashed. Recently launching its engagement ring line, all net profits from sales are donated to one of two nonprofits: She's the First or Girls Who Code. Both organizations focus on education for girls that empower them to achieve their dreams. What's better than that? Not only does Diamonds Unleashed donate to nonprofits, it's also socially and environmentally responsible when sourcing its diamonds. Having a ring that represents love, is sourced responsibly and gives back to the future education of girls worldwide is something we can totally stand behind. Keep scrolling to see the collection of rings available from this innovative brand.

  2. Diamonds Unleashed nonprofit engagement ring
  3. Diamonds Unleashed nonprofit engagement ring
  4. Diamonds Unleashed nonprofit engagement ring
  5. Diamonds Unleashed nonprofit engagement ring
  6. Diamonds Unleashed nonprofit engagement ring

    Ring by Diamonds Unleashed

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