Not-Quite-Perfect Proposals From 2007

Sometimes it's the unexpected happenings that make a proposal story truly unforgettable.
by The Knot

These couples will never tire of telling the story of their proposals -- even if they didn't go exactly as planned.

Note: Names have been removed to protect everyone involved!

Police-Induced Panic

"[My boyfriend's] cousin invited me to breakfast one morning, and as we were driving to the diner, I saw a cop car hiding in a driveway. As soon as I passed, the cop pulled out, his lights went on, and he pulled me over. The officer asked for my license and registration, and asked what the speed limit was. I said, 'I guess 25.' He then asked how fast I thought I was going. I said, 'Uh, 27?' He smirked and walked away.

"Then I saw another cruiser pull up, and I started to panic. The officer came back and asked me to get out of the car. I started to cry because I felt helpless and didn't know why this was happening to me. He told me to go to the back of the car and put my hands on the trunk. He said that he had to arrest me because I had warrants for unpaid parking tickets. I was bawling at this point. He started to handcuff me, and then my boyfriend came up beside me, got down on one knee, and popped the question. I went from tears of fear to tears of joy -- I got Punk'd!"

Bearing It All

"We had both come home early from work, and I had stripped down to my underwear and gone to the bathroom to clean up before we went out for the night. I walked back into our room, and [my boyfriend] said, 'Honey, look what I got at work.' I figured it was a keychain or some work-related trinket. But when I went over to see it, he popped open the ring box and very simply said, 'Marry me.' My first reaction: 'But...but, I'm in my underwear!'

"About an hour and a half later, when we had called all of our family and friends, I realized something very important. I said to him, 'If you hadn't figured it out yet...yes!'"

Couple, Interrupted

"We were in the midst of purchasing a home, and my boyfriend contacted me at work and explained that the realtor had forgotten some paperwork and needed us to stop by the house. Extremely angry, I drove to our soon-to-be home, which is located right across from a huge state park. He mentioned that the realtor would be running late and asked me to jump in his car so that we could drive around to check out the neighborhood. I reluctantly got in (it was pouring down rain), and he began to drive into the park. I could barely see where he was going, but before I knew it, he had driven down an access road to the lake to a gazebo. He forced me out of the car and proposed in the gazebo on the middle of the lake. A few seconds later, the police showed up as we were in the park after hours and asked us to finish up and go home."

Misplaced Tune

"On our second day on a trip to Paris, my boyfriend proposed at sunset overlooking the city at the Sacred Heart Cathedral. It was absolutely amazing. We had three friends who were with us, and they paid a band to play 'Wedding March.' Of course, the band didn't understand her request, so instead we walked in to the sound of 'Happy Birthday!'"

Quick to the Punch

"My boyfriend and I were getting ready to go to my family reunion, and he came by to pick me up. When he came inside, he told me that before we went, he needed to talk to me about something. He said, 'I'm not really happy with the way things are going in this relationship right now.' Wow, my heart was beating fast; I thought that he was going to break up with me. He then said, 'Something really needs to change.'

"I said in a slightly upset voice, 'What?' He then, very quickly, got down on one knee and proposed. He later told me he felt that if he didn't get down quickly, I was going to hit him! I wasn't going to do that, but it was a good thing he did!"

What a Rock!

"My groom-to-be and I were visiting his father on New Year's Eve. As we hung out, his dad kept looking at him and smiling; his teenage sister kept bouncing around on the couch, loudly clearing her throat and staring expectantly at us. After the ball dropped at midnight, we all decided to head to bed. His sister looked grouchy and muttered something about him being dumb and that it wasn't fair she didn't get to see. After everyone was in bed, my boyfriend said to me, 'I have a surprise for you.' He turned off the lights, held my hand, and then asked me to marry him, to which I said 'yes!' He then slid a ring on my finger, which I couldn't see but could feel it was huge!

'Turn on the light,' I said. He did and I looked at the biggest, ugliest ring I've ever seen. I looked at him in horror, and he burst out laughing. 'Don't worry, I just wanted to see your face when you saw how ugly it was. I should probably give you your real one now,' he said. With that he slowly slid a beautiful, perfect ring on my finger. I'll admit, he got me good!"

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