Wedding Vendors: Okay to Hire Photography Students for the Wedding?


We're on a really tight budget. Is it smart to hire a photography student or ask one of our wedding guests who's an amateur photographer to take wedding pictures?


This depends on what is important to you. For most couples, wedding photographs are a hugely important part of the day. But if you just aren't that excited about having a wedding album or if you won't be disappointed with merely a few good shots, you might consider this option. If you find a truly talented student, or you've always admired your cousin's skill as a shutterbug, you can take a chance. Just keep in mind that if the photographer doesn't have wedding experience, you are not likely to get great results, and it might not be worth the savings. You are probably better off trying to find a pro with wedding experience who will work for just a couple of hours, to shoot just the ceremony for example.

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