Wedding Cake: Okay to Serve Cake at a Brunch Reception?


My fiance and I are planning a morning wedding with a brunch reception. We're planning on serving scones, muffins, eggs and bacon, typical stuff (the reception will be at 11:30). The thing is, I want a cake! It's been my dream since I was a little girl to have a big wedding cake, but will this early-afternoon reception ruin that? Is there something light you can suggest so that people won't be consuming massive amounts of sugar that early?


If you would not have a problem consuming a massive amount of sugar around noontime, you can bet your wedding guests won't, either. Granted, you may not want a fudge-covered cake (although if that's your dream cake, go for it!) -- but it's completely fine to have a carrot, lemon, or angel-food wedding cake -- or even a cheesecake. Another way to add legitimacy to the mid-day wedding cake -- top it with fruit to lighten things up.

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