Divorced Parents: Two Wedding Ceremonies for Divorced Parents?


My fiance's parents went through a messy divorce, and his sisters and mother hate his dad. We were discussing the wedding, and his sisters said that we better have two wedding ceremonies, one for their mother's side and one for their father's side of the family. I think this is an unfair demand. What can we say to them?


It's definitely an unfair demand, and you can only hope they were kidding! There's no reason for you two to have to put on two ceremonies to placate everyone. Tell them, "We're sorry you feel that way, but we really want everyone to put aside their differences and come to our wedding. We're inviting both sides of your family, and we hope everyone will attend and be happy for us." They may be upset, but hopefully they will be able to deal with it on your wedding day. Many divorced family members have to suck it up and coexist at their children's weddings, and it's often difficult for everyone involved. But remember that it is your day, and everyone needs to acknowledge and accept that. Don't dwell on it. Everything will work out.

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