Groom Style: Any Original Ideas for Wedding Boutonnieres?

Q: What are some original ideas for wedding boutonnieres? I am getting married in October, and I find plain roses and greens kind of blah.

A: Wedding boutonnieres have come a long way since the red rose, and there are some fantastic new trends that can help add a dash of personality to the lapels in your wedding. The tendency now is to go simple, small, and straightforward, rather than big and bold: Florists are using herbs, nuts, and tiny bunches of miniature blooms to make their statements. Berries are unique and have a great autumnal quality; try hypericum or ivy berries in shades of brown and green. Or think about a single gardenia, a flower that comes in a beautiful array of fall colors. Even a sprig of ivy, a few thistle blooms, or an acorn still on its stem wrapped in a thin piece of satin ribbon would be lovely. Talk with your florist about your wedding boutonniere options and be sure to mention that you are looking for something original and eye-catching. Together you'll be able to come up with something truly personal.

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