The Prettiest Outdoor Wedding Tents We've Ever Seen

Steal these gorgeous ideas for your outdoor celebration.
by Andrea Fowler

Outdoor tents come in all shapes and sizes—in other words, they’re totally customizable. Deck out a clear-top tent with textured fabric drapings, rent colorful tie-backs to coordinate with your wedding color palette, you can even chose the exact table layout you want and where the dance floor should be.

Make sure to coordinate everything with your venue, planner and rental vendor so there aren’t any details that fall through the cracks for the perfect outdoor wedding. They can help recommend the right weatherproofing extras (like heating lamps in the fall or fans in the summer), decor items to round out the theme and logistical items like the correct type of floor installation. Here are some of our favorite wedding tents that are the perfect balance between wedding venue and sophisticated party space. 

  1. 1. Hanging Garlands and Patterned Lamps

    Outdoor wedding tent with mini tree centerpieces, lamps and hanging garlands
    Delesie, INC
  2. 2. Faux Tree Tent Pole Covers

    Faux tree covers for tent poles at an outdoor wedding
    Orchestrated Grace
  3. 3. Tented Lounge Area

    Outdoor wedding tented lounge area with bright flowers
    Jose Villa Photography
  4. 4. DIY String Light Tent

    Amazing outdoor wedding with tent-shaped fairy lights
    Austin Gros
  5. 5. Elegant Chandeliers

    Elegant outdoor wedding tent with chandeliers
    Rebecca Arthurs Photography
  6. 6. Tented Moroccan-Themed Lounge Area

    Moroccan-themed tented wedding lounge
    Heather Waraska
  7. 7. Chandeliers and Cherry Blossom Trees

    Outdoor tented wedding with chandeliers and cherry blossom trees
    onelove photography
  8. 8. Hanging Candles

    Outdoor tented wedding reception with trees and hanging candles
    Lacie Hansen Photography
  9. 9. Whimsical Swings

    Whimsical swings for an outdoor wedding tent
    Gideon Photography
  10. 10. Hanging Flower Installations

    Outdoor wedding tent with hanging flowers over the dance floor
    Zelo Photography
  11. 11. Hanging Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

    Whimsical outdoor wedding tent with hanging silver dollar eucalyptus
    Marvelous Things Photography
  12. 12. Draped Fabric Ceiling With String Lights

    Outdoor wedding tent with draped fabric and string lights
    Lori Hedrick Photography
  13. 13. Mismatched Chairs and Rugs

    Outdoor wedding tent with mismatched chairs and rugs
    Steve Steinhardt Photography
  14. 14. Tent Entrance With Statement Florals

    Outdoor wedding tent entrance with flowers
    M Bénédicte Verley Photography
  15. 15. Hanging Paper Lanterns

    Prettiest outdoor wedding tent ideas
    Kristin Chalmers Photography
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