Honeymoon: Packing Sexy Extras for Honeymoon?


We've decided to spend our honeymoon relaxing in Jamaica. Do you have any ideas for, ahem, mood-enhancing items I might want to pack to help set the scene for romance?


Honeymoons mean romance by definition, so by all means feel free to indulge your sensual side. Go beyond basic lingerie, and try to think of items that are conducive to a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. If you'll be right by the ocean, you can rely on the sound of the waves for ambience. If not, bring along your favorite sexy CDs, or pick up a couple of new ones (since you'll be in Jamaica, be sure to load up on Bob Marley -- songs like 'Satisfy My Soul' and 'Stir It Up' are sure to put you in the mood). Slip a couple of votive or travel candles into your suitcase while you're at it (and don't forget to bring matches). Another sure way to get you going -- pick up some nice massage oil in a sensual scent like musk or sandalwood, or take it even further with a racy card or dice game, or even a copy of the Kama Sutra. And one more thing -- ditch the furry handcuffs in favor of a couple of silk scarves, which feel better and place you in no danger of mislaying the keys.

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