Wedding Accessories: Pantyhose Beneath a Sheath Wedding Gown?


I've chosen a gorgeous, somewhat form-fitting sheath for my wedding gown, and I want the smoothest possible silhouette (as in, no lumps!). What kind of pantyhose should I wear on my wedding day?


Your best bet is to invest in control top or body-shaping hosiery , which are available in variable support levels. Chances are, if you're wearing a sheath wedding dress in the first place, you don't need the highest level of support -- such as girdle top or firm support hosiery -- which could actually createan unsightly bulge above the waistband. So instead, look for medium to light levels that will gently hold in and smooth out your tummy, backside, hips, and thighs -- giving you a perfect, shapely silhouette on your wedding day.

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