Yes, You Need to Get a Wedding Gift for Both Your Parents and Your In-Laws

Here’s why.
by The Knot

If both your parents and your spouse’s parents have been there for you—either emotionally, financially or both—throughout the wedding planning journey, it’s important to recognize them with a thank-you gift at some point. It doesn’t matter if one set of parents chipped in more, or you’ve gotten in a few wedding-stress-related arguments with the other—giving both your parents and in-laws a gift is the right thing to do.

This can be done either publicly (perhaps at your rehearsal dinner in front of your guests) or privately (in the comfort of their home when your gift-worthy wedding photo album has finally arrived, wink-wink).

Remember—you don’t want to snub your in-laws by singling out your parents, so keep in mind that you should recognize both sets of parents by giving them gifts at the same time, especially if you’re in the presence of other people. If you want to give your parents a gift that’s from you personally, make sure your partner is doing the same for their mom and dad. (Simply say, “I want to give my parents a gift that’s just from me at the rehearsal dinner, and I think it would be really great if you did the same for yours.”)

Everyone involved will certainly appreciate the recognition for their contributions. And if you’re stumped on what to get them, we have plenty of ideas—from a personalized photo montage to home improvements—right here.

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