Wedding Engagement: People Tell Me I'm Too Young to be Engaged!

by The Knot

What do you say when people ask you why you are getting married or tell you to wait for marriage? I am still in college, but I've been engaged for two years. As my wedding date approaches, I'm asked this question more and more. I know what I'm doing with my life. How should I respond to this?


Don't feel like you have to defend yourself. People are probably looking at the youth factor: You're still in school, you haven't "lived" yet, there's so many fish in the sea, etc. They're thinking about when they were in college, who they were dating then, what their lives would be like if they had married that person. But this is your life, and you're the only one who can decide the direction it takes. If you've been engaged for two years, the two of you are obviously serious about your relationship and feel committed to each other. Go with your instincts. If nothing feels more right to you than marrying your sweetie, you should do it. When people protest, tell them you appreciate their thoughts and concern (smile sweetly -- you can do it!), but you're very happy with the decision you've made, and you hope that they will support it. End of story.

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