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15 Photo Booth Ideas for a Fun Wedding Reception

Let your guests snap a few shots to remember the occasion.
Andrea Fowler
by Andrea Fowler

Nothing breaks the ice at a wedding quite like a photo booth. A fun backdrop, a few blush-inducing props and in no time you'll have friends and family mingling in front of the camera. It's especially great to treat guests to a photo booth when it's a formal occasion. After all, it's not an everyday occurrence to find yourself dolled up in a nice dress or suit with a camera at the ready—guests will love the opportunity to capture the moment. Whether you're renting or DIYing, get inspired by some of our favorite set-ups.

1. An Classic Photo Booth

Wedding photo booth idea with a fun rental booth
onelove photography

From: An Intimate, Rustic-Chic Wedding at Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu, California

2. Modern Air Stream Photo Booth

Air stream photo booth idea for a wedding reception
Al Gawlik Photography

From: An Eclectic, Vintage Wedding at Pecan Springs Ranch in Austin, Texas

3. Faux Framed Wall

Faux wall photo booth idea for a wedding reception
Caroline Frost

From: A Midsummer Night's Dream-Inspired Wedding at The Old Tappan Manor in Old Tappan, New Jersey

4. Retro Van Photo Booth

Fun photo booth van idea for a wedding reception
onelove photography

From: A Rustic-Glam Barn Wedding at Olympia's Valley Estate in Petaluma, California

5. DIY iPad Selfie Station

DIY photo booth idea for an outdoor wedding reception
Lucky Malone Photography

From: A Whimsical Bohemian Wedding at Osborn Farm in Loveland, Colorado

6. Hanging Props from Trees

Photo booth idea for an outdoor wedding, hanging frames from tree branches
Tracy Dodson Photography

From: A Simple Campus Park Wedding at University of California, Los Angeles, in Los Angeles, California

7. Compact Photo Booth Trailer

Cute wedding photo booth idea, a small photo trailer
Hibben Photography

From: A Whimsical, Alternative Wedding at IAO Gallery in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

8. Big Chalkboard Sign Backdrop

DIY chalkboard background for a wedding photo booth
Breanna White Photography

From: A Romantic Garden Wedding at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah

9. Tropical Photo Booth

Tropical photo booth van idea for a destination wedding
Naomi Wong Photography

From: A Retro, Hawaii-Themed Wedding at National Tropical Botanical Garden in Poipu, Hawaii

10. Newlywed Stand-Up Board

Cute wedding photo booth idea with a stand-up newlywed cutout
Teal Photography

From: A Chic, Rustic Wedding at Highland Vue Farms in Newville, Pennsylvania

11. Polaroid Cut-Out Frame

Wedding photo booth idea, a polaroid cut-out frame
Casto Photography & Cinema

From: An Organic, Garden Wedding at the Hill in Athens, Georgia

12. DIY Curtain Photo Booth

DIY curtain photo booth idea for a wedding reception
Kristin Griffin Photography

From: An Elegant Rustic Chic Wedding at the Red Lion Inn in Cohasset, Massachusetts

13. Themed Photo Booth Scenery

A whimsical themed wedding reception photo booth idea
Carley Rehberg Photography

From: A Whimsical Circus Wedding at Inn at the Old Silk Mill in Fredericksburg, Virginia

14. Polaroid Guest Book

Polaroid wedding guest book idea
Ebersole Photography

From: A Romantic, Bohemian Backyard Wedding at a Private Residence in Gloucester, Massachusetts

15. Marquis Photo Sign on a Retro Van

Marquis photo booth sign for a wedding reception
Kismet Visuals & Co.

From: A Rustic, Elegant Wedding at Dorral Farm in Marysville, Ohio

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