9 Photos You Should Take On Your Honeymoon

Do you really want your honeymoon photos to look like a bunch of scenery and awkward single shots? Of course not. Fill out your album with these must-haves.
  1. The "Sunset" Shot

    It doesn't necessarily have to be a cheesy kissing pic with the sun setting behind you (although we wouldn't judge you for that), but a nice couple shot will be something you'll be glad you have postvacation. And even though it's bright out, you should still use your flash to avoid showing up as a dark silhouette.
    Who Should Take It: A resort employee if you're on the beach, or a passerby if you're in town
  2. The "Look What We Ate" Shot

    Whip out the camera at a local restaurant and snap a picture of your dish -- whether it's an eight-pound lobster, frog legs or a part of a cow you never thought you'd see.
    Who Should Take It: You, of each other; or a restaurant employee

  3. The "Where We Slept" Shot

    You might want to leave this one out of your Facebook photo album, but a photo of your hotel room is a must-have -- you know, for memory's sake.
    Who Should Take It: You, of each other
  4. The "Local" Shot

    Don't forget to snap shots of all the little details that show local flair -- coins, stamps or maps. Even get to know the natives by asking them to pose with you for a quick pic. Policemen, snake charmers, the guy who baked the most delicious souffle you've ever tasted -- they're all fair game.
    Who Should Take It: You, of the details; or other locals or resort employees, if you're with natives
  5. Your "Postcard" Shot

    Ask someone to snap a shot of you two strolling or posing near a local landmark. You traveled all this way -- don't be shy!
    Who Should Take It: Locals or fellow tourists
  6. Photo by Thinkstock

    Your "Danced 'Til We Dropped" Shot

    Hey, it's your honeymoon -- you're supposed to let loose! Take photos of each other getting down on the dance floor.
    Who Should Take It: You, of each other; or fellow club-goers, of you both
  7. Your "Check Out the View" Shot

    Capture the scenery from up high -- whether it's at a rooftop restaurant, a tall landmark or even a mountaintop.
    Who Should Take It: You or your husband
  8. Your "Never Again" Shot

    Trust us: You'll cherish having captured the expression on your face as you rode an elephant, bungee jumped over a river or tried anything you never thought you would.
    Who Should Take It: You, of each other; or your tour guide
  9. Your "That's All Folks" Shot

    End your album with a photo of you waving good-bye, shutting the door to your hotel room or stepping onto the plane. It's back to reality!
    Who Should Take It: You, of each other; or a resort employee