Here’s How Many Couples Photoshop Their Wedding Photos

Does this sound like something you would do?
by Sophie Ross

You want your wedding photos to look as amazing as possible—but does that mean enlisting some serious Photoshop magic in order to achieve a certain level of perfection?

For some couples, yes. More specifically, in a recent study about engagement and wedding photos, 29 percent of couples surveyed by custom-framing company Framebridge admitted to Photoshopping their pictures, while 71 percent decided to leave their photos a little more au naturale.

Other findings revealed that one in three (around 33 percent) of millennials photoshopped their wedding photos, and that millennials are twice as likely to photoshop their wedding photos than Gen-X couples.

We doubt the majority of these Photoshoppers are guilty of extensively altering their faces or bodies—in some cases, they might just be adjusting the lighting or lightly editing some unwanted wrinkles out of a dress. Either way, a little retouching is nothing new, and the fact that a younger generation (who primarily grew up in the age of social media) is more likely to Photoshop their pictures isn’t very surprising.

Regardless, we’re not here to judge—do whatever you need to do in order to get your dream wedding photos. And if you still haven’t found that perfect professional photographer (with optional retouching skills), you can start here.

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