Pinterest’s 2018 Travel Trend Report Has Tons of Honeymoon Inspiration

First comes the wedding, then comes the wanderlust.
by Sophie Ross

Whether you’re looking for some bachelorette party inspiration or the perfect honeymoon, minimoon or buddymoon—basically, all the moons—destination, you’re bound to find plenty of travel guidance in Pinterest’s 2018 Travel Trend Report. Find our favorite insights for sailing, sightseeing and navigating the globe, below. (Warning: Impulsive couples will probably be tempted to book something right this minute.)

  1. Off the Beaten Path

    According to the report, travelers are looking beyond tourist traps and big cities and, instead, discovering small town destinations and low-key, secret spots. This type of trip is perfect for those looking to soak up the local culture and create a totally  one-of-a-kind experience. (Culturemoon, anyone?)

  2. Train Travel

    Speaking of going off the beaten path, train travel is on the rise—so if you’re looking to explore the countryside and enjoy small town stops (in rail-friendly places like Europe and beyond), you’re in good company.

  3. Eco Maniacs

    Pinterest is happy to report that travelers are minimizing their globe-trotting footprint by searching for eco hotels (complete with solar-powered electricity and natural-material structural elements) more than ever.

  4. Food Is the Main Attraction

    Sampling world-famous fare is a high priority, with travelers planning around the meals they have their sights on. And, yes, this goes for those with food restrictions too—vegetarian and vegan food guides are seeing a surge in popularity, so everyone can feel free to eat adventurously during their travels.

  5. Wine Down

    Wine trips are on the rise according to the report, so if you need to de-stress after your wedding planning, there are plenty of vineyards and tasting rooms to choose from no matter where you’re headed.

  6. Fun on the Water

    Not only are river cruises and boating adventures seeing a rising tide (get it?), surf classes (think trendy locales like Bali) are as well. Clearly, it’s never been a better time to ride some waves or explore some caves.

  7. Bike It Out

    You don’t have to abandon your fitness routine during your vacation anymore (unless, of course, you want to). According to the report, there’s an increased interest in bike tours and other wellness travel trends like “forest bathing” and yoga retreats.

  8. As Seen on TV

    Popular movies and TV shows are influencing travel trends more than ever. People are choosing to hit up their favorite filming locations and aspirational, as-seen-on-TV destinations. (Talking to you, Game of Thrones fans.)

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