7 Wedding-Planning Tips From Happily Ever Faster's Melody Williams

by Meredith Bodgas

Whether you have two years or two days to plan, our guest expert, wedding planner Melody Williams, who's thrown full weddings at Las Vegas' Chapel of the Flowers with just hours' notice, has some brilliant ideas for your nuptials. She took time out just before her show's premiere (catch Happily Ever Faster Fridays at 10/9c on TLC!) to give us her top wedding planning tips.

(Psst: Watch TLC's Happily Ever Faster and you'll also see exclusive planning tips from us!)

1. Think Outside the Bridal Party

Instead of having a lot of bridesmaids and groomsmen, my sister, who's a teacher, had her 25 students surround her and her groom for the entire ceremony. We made sparkly fairy wings for the preschoolers and kindergarteners.

2. Wow Guests From the Get-Go

We once hung 100 red roses from the chapel's ceiling with fishing wire so it looked like the roses were floating. The entire space above guests' heads was covered for the ceremony.

3. Choose a Planner Who's In-the-Know (and Trust Them!)

Work with someone who's familiar with your venue. Rely on their advice and value their knowledge. You're planning one wedding, but they've planned multiple ones, so they really know the site and the surrounding town too.

4. Do Your Homework Before You Book Your Site

If you're hosting a destination wedding, take virtual tours, get comfortable with the staff (via email and phone calls), look at tons of pictures, and check reviews from past brides.

5. Don't Fear a Short Engagement

Putting a wedding together in a short time can be a good thing because you're forced to make decisions instead of having six months to figure something out. You end up accomplishing more because you must be decisive. But you may have to sacrifice things like specific exotic flowers or certain menus. Otherwise, just give us three hours!

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