Your "I-Just-Got-Engaged" Checklist

These are the most important to-do's as you start planning.
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Sarah Fine
by Sarah Fine
Updated Mar 22, 2022

Allow us to be the first to say it: engagement looks so good on you. Your first few weeks post-proposal are sure to be a whirlwind of excitement, but it's also time to get down to business. Once you've shared the good news with your nearest and dearest and made your grand social media announcement (#ringselfie, anyone?), here's what to prioritize next.

1. soak in the moment, 2. get your ring sized, 3. insure your ring

1. Soak in the moment

Savor that "just got engaged" feeling with your partner—pop some champagne, laugh, cry, embrace—revel in the moment with whatever feels right. Fight the urge to jump right into planning. (We know, the struggle is real.) Instead, make sure you take the time to enjoy this phase of your relationship first.

2. Get your ring sized

If your ring fits from the get-go, kudos to your fiance. If not, you should be able to take it back to the retailer where it was purchased to get it resized, free of charge.

3. Insure your ring

    It's so much more than just another piece of jewelry, and you're going to want to protect it. Make sure you're covered by insuring your ring with a provider that specializes in jewelry, like Jewelers Mutual Group (they've been protecting rings and other priceless pieces for over 100 years!).

    4. schedule an engagement ring photo shoot, 5. choose your planning command center, 6. pick your potential wedding dates and season

    4. Schedule an engagement photo shoot

    Getting some pro photos taken is the perfect way to celebrate your new relationship status. Choose a location that's meaningful to you and your partner, or simply opt for a spot with a beautiful backdrop. Bonus: it's also a great way to try out a photographer you may want to hire for the wedding.

      5. Choose your planning command center

      It's time to get organized! If you need everything in one (digital) place, let our All-in-One Wedding Planner app guide you through each phase of your planning journey. Or, if you prefer good, old-fashioned pen and paper, try our newly revamped wedding planner and organizer, complete with worksheets, checklists, inspiration, and calendars for all your planning needs.

      6. Pick your potential wedding dates and season

      Start thinking about the time of year you want to walk down the aisle, and then home in on a date (or a few). This decision can influence everything from vendor prices to attire, so best to know it up-front.

      7. set a wedding budget, 8. choose your top wedding priorities with your partner, 9. guest-list size and draft your preliminary list

      7. Set a wedding budget and open a wedding planning savings account

      While it may not be the most fun aspect of wedding planning, itis one of the most important. Discussing a budget with your partner (and family, if they're contributing) early on will help level-set and guide you throughout the planning process. And with our Budgeter, you can ditch your calculator—and headache!

      8. Choose your top wedding priorities with your partner

      Once you have a sense of your budget, sit down together and discuss what's most important to each of you. For some, it's all about the flowers and decor, and for others it may be the food and music. It's a good idea to get on the same page early so you can prioritize spending on the things that matter most.

      9. Determine guest-list size and draft your preliminary list

      Whether you're going big or keeping it small, it's important that you and your partner see eye to eye. This list won't be set in stone, but it will be helpful in terms of budgeting and venue planning.

      10. create your wedding vision board, 11. start researching wedding venues and locations, 12. set up your registry (or a few!)

      10. Create your wedding vision board and choose your style or theme

        It's always good to have a place to gather and store wedding inspo to share with your partner, vendors, family and anyone else who may end up helping you along the way. Pinterest boards, Instagram folders, shared albums, Google docs—there's no wrong choice here!

        11. Start researching wedding venues and locations

          Maybe you've had your dream venue picked out since elementary school, or maybe this is a whole new world for you. Either way, now's the perfect time to start exploring different options, pricing, packages and availability. Plus, having a sense of your ideal timing will help narrow down your choices.

          12. Set up your registry (or a few!)

          If you're planning on having an engagement party, your guests will be looking for potential gifts. And even if you're not, it's never too early to start deciding where you want to register and what you want to register for.

          13. building a wedding website, 14. start shopping for your wedding look

          13. Build a wedding website

            As the details start to fall into place, it's both important and helpful to have one place to keep track of it all for you and your guests. Share your story, engagement photos, registry lists and more on your personalized wedding website.

            14. Start shopping for your wedding look

              Whether you're dreaming of being a vision in white or putting your own twist on the tradition, finding your wedding look can take some time. And once you find the one, it's on to alterations and fittings!

              Congratulations, felicidades, mazel tov! You're on your way—and we're always here to help, from vendor recommendations to day-of must-haves.

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