Potluck Party Bridal Shower Theme

by the knot

What it is: Even if they already own the basics, modern brides and grooms can always use a little help in the kitchen. The twist? Everyone gets involved -- guests bring favorite dishes (along with the recipe for what they bring) from an assigned cuisine, such as Mexican, Chinese, Thai, or French.

Best For: The bride who loves to cook -- and eat! And a smaller group of guests who are eager to pitch in.

Planning Tip: Be sure to have a cute recipe box to collect the recipes and give to the bride to get her cookin'. Continue the theme with favors. Think wooden spoons or colorful spatulas tied with matching ribbon.

Potential Pitfall: Not having enough food. Be super organized and allow for more food than necessary. If Bridesmaid Betty's baked ziti came out a little too baked (aka burnt), you want to have a backup entrée on hand.

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