5 Emotional Note Exchanges That Will Bring You to Tears

Watching these Love Stories TV couples read preceremony notes will get you every time.
by Vanessa M. Buenger
Groom holding "I can't wait to marry you" note
wendy laurel

You’ve probably already thought about the gift you’ll give your partner on your wedding day, and with that gift usually comes a note—the last words you share with your soon-to-be spouse before it’s officially official. These sentimental letters are filled with honesty, emotion and pure love, which inevitably brings everybody involved to tears. Watch five sweet couples from Love Stories TV, the place to watch wedding videos, read their love notes to each other—and try not to lose it.

  1. 1. Aleck and Mike​​’s Tennessee Wedding

    Video by Little Josh Productions

    Mike can barely keep it together while reading his promises to Aleck on their wedding day, and we can’t blame him.

  2. ​2. Meredith and Trey​’s Florida Wedding

    Video by Make Your Marq Videography

    Most romantic thing ever: watching Meredith and Trey dance at their wedding reception as we listen to them read the notes they wrote to each other.

  3. ​3. Kyli and Doug​’s Punta Cana Wedding

    Video by XO Creative

    Kyli and Doug exchange incredibly thoughtful notes, but you’ll absolutely lose it when the groom reads the sweet letters from their daughters.

  4. 4. Megan and Michael​’s Maryland Wedding

    Video by Rainbow Starfish Productions

    Wow—Michael is a such sweetheart! His note to Megan reads like something out of a romantic novel.

  5. ​5. Becca and Melina​’s Vermont Wedding

    Video by Dan Hopkins

    Becca and Melina exchange heartwarming notes before the ceremony, and based on their seriously impressive vow-writing skills, we can only imagine how romantic they must be.

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