Prettiest Thing in Our Office This Week: Candy Rings from Papabubble NY

by Hannah Soo Park

Gorgeous fashion accessories, flower arrangements, wedding cakes and stationery cross our desks every day here in our New York City office. In our new regular blog feature, “Prettiest Thing in Our Office This Week," we'll take you behind the scenes and show you our favorite item each Friday.

Papabubble NY created these crazy-cool handmade goodies for a recent episode of The Knot LIVE, and we love how they put a technicolor spin on traditional ring pops. Not only are they available in up to 40 flavors, but they're also customizable to fit your wedding colors — the perfect party accessory and kid-friendly option for a modern-style fête.

Find these rings and other customized candies at 280 Broome Street, or go to

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