5 of Our Favorite Georgia Love Stories

Five couples share the memorable stories that led them to "I do."
by Shelby Simon
Atlanta Georgia real proposal
Krista Turner Photography
  1. Audrey & Michael

    Atlanta, Georgia urban art engagement
    Ben & Colleen Massey


    Audrey was under the impression that Michael, her high school sweetheart, was bringing her to meet his family and take some photos the day before his Georgia Tech graduation when they took a detour through a campus garden. As they walked across a bridge, they encountered a series of posters with tokens from their relationship over the past six-and-a-half years—everything from their first-date movie tickets to a letter at each stop along their "memory lane." "I knew as soon as I saw the posters, the roses and his dad sneaking around with a video camera that this was it," Audrey says. The ring: Cachet Fine Jewelry

  2. Emily & Ambrose

    The Allens Photography


    Three and a half years after Emily and Ambrose first met on their college campus, they found themselves living in a small farmhouse nestled in the North Carolina mountains. One late summer day, they decided to go for a hike. As they stood atop the mountain looking down on their home in the valley, Ambrose said, "We live a good life, don't we?" Following Emily's affirmation, he pulled out his grandmother's ring and asked, "Do you want to do it forever?" The ring: Heirloom

  3. Gina & Edward

    Atlanta engagement
    Claire Diana Photography


    After meeting and dancing the night away at their friend's wedding, Gina and Edward ran into each other at the finish line of the Peachtree Road Race. Fast-forward a year and the couple found themselves in their friends' "wedding party" in "The Big Fake Wedding" vendor show in Atlanta. Excited to participate in the bridal party flash mob, Gina performed the routine down to the last move. "At the end of the dance, when everyone was supposed to point up, I was the only one pointing up," Gina says. "Everyone else was pointing at me. That's when I saw Edward walking toward me." The ring: MiaDonna

  4. Jasmine & Jon

    Atlanta engagement
    Kendra Elise Photography


    Jasmine and Jon had plenty of opportunities to meet throughout their years growing up two blocks apart. As chance would have it, Jasmine caught Jon's eye at a mutual friend's summer party during their college years. Following a series of texts between their friends, they exchanged AIM screen names—but it wasn't long before Jasmine knew there was something different about this guy. As a true foodie would, Jon proposed at a restaurant and had "Will You Marry Me Jasmin?" on the menu. That's not a typo—the restaurant messed up! "It just makes for a better story and even better pictures," Jasmine says. The diamond: Icebox Diamonds & Watches; the setting: D. Geller & Son

  5. Trang & Wesley

    The Goat Farm Atlanta engagement
    Krista Turner Photography


    Following a stressful move into their new apartment, Trang had no expectations when Wesley, her beau of six years, took her out that evening. During dinner, Wesley gave her a box of earrings as a thank you for doing so much for the move. As she was looking at the earrings, Wesley got down on one knee with the ring box. Trang was shocked to see that the ring was just like the one she casually pointed out to Wesley while they were in college. "He definitely paid attention, and years later had a custom ring made that is everything I could have wanted and more," Trang says. The ring: J.Yontef Diamonds & Custom Jewelry

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