5 of Our Favorite Texas Love Stories

Five couples share the memorable stories that led them to "I do."
by Shelby Simon
  1. Vivian & Kevin

    Kemah boardwalk carousel engagement
    Feather & Twine Photography


    Six years after Vivian lent him a pen at a pre-orientation event during college, Kevin popped the question at home on a weeknight—at midnight! "He put on his only suit, gave a speech and I said 'yes,' " Vivian recalls. Despite Kevin's best attempt at a memorable speech, his rehearsed spiel fell on deaf ears. "The only part I remember is him saying that I challenge him to be better and that he mentioned our two cats!" The ring: Quenton Elliott Jewelry Company LLC

  2. Ellie & Cameron

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    While he originally wanted to pop the question in Dallas, Cameron was forced to move his surprise proposal at the last minute after winter weather ruined his plans. With no way for Ellie or out-of-town guests to get to the city, Cameron instead traveled to Austin, where he quickly worked out a plan with Ellie's roommate, Amanda. "She was on her way to visit family, but instead turned around and saved the day," Cameron explains. Later that same afternoon, an unsuspecting Ellie was led to her local coffee shop, where she immediately felt something was amiss. "I knew something was up when Amanda walked past the only empty table and out the back door," Ellie admits. It was there that she found Cameron waiting outside in the rain. "I think my surprise was made evident by the fact that I showed up in sweats!" she says. The ring: Salem's Jewelry

  3. Shannon & Brian

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    Three years into their relationship, Brian caught Shannon off guard after telling her to pack her bags for a weekend visit to Colorado. All the while, Shannon had no clue what was in store for their ski trip. "We pulled up to the resort and I thought to myself, 'Great, this is my ring. Here's to another year of dating!' " she says. After rushing to get ready for dinner, the pair pulled up to the restaurant (on a snowcat, nonetheless) just as it began to snow. After getting a drink at the bar, Brian suggested they take a photo together. "We walked outside and I was so oblivious, I just kept asking 'What are you doing? You're getting your jeans all wet!'" Shannon says. "Brian just looked at me and said, 'Shan, please stop talking for two minutes—I'm trying to ask you something.' " The ring: Joe Koen & Son Jewelers

  4. Candice & Corey

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    Fort Worth

    Candice was enjoying a glass of wine with her parents on their poolside patio when a trumpet suddenly interrupted their conversation. Soon, more instruments joined in and Candice's surprise turned to shock as a mariachi band marched its way across the yard. "I couldn't believe my eyes," she says. "Corey was at the end wearing a sombrero!" After the musicians had made their way to the pool, Corey lowered his hat and asked Candice the one question she had waited five years to hear. "He said that it had been a long time and I'd been an awesome girlfriend, so he wanted to know if I would be his wife," Candice says. "I jumped up and hugged him." The ring: Diamond Doctor

  5. Ana & David

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    While visiting Dallas for a friend's wedding, Ana and David spent the weekend exploring the local sights—all while a diamond ring was safety nestled in David's pocket. "He was down for everything that I mentioned I wanted to do," Ana recalls of their crawfish meal and trip to the zoo. Little did she know, David was eager to sightsee since he was in search of the perfect place to propose. But when David later suggested a walk through their neighborhood that night, Ana politely declined, ruining his plan to pop the question. "In true form I told him I was too tired!" she says. The following day, the couple was out shopping when Ana realized they would be late for the wedding if they didn't hustle back to the car. "I turned around to tell him to hurry up and there he was, holding out a ring," she says. "David will tell you I didn't say anything for a whole minute before I nodded my head yes!" The ring setting: Bailey Banks & Biddle

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