3 Quick Breakfasts for the Busy Bride-to-Be

No matter how busy the day ahead is, you should always make time for breakfast. Eating breakfast actually helps you burn more fat and calories than if you skipped it, and it gives you the energy you need to tackle your bridal schedule.
by The Knot

Here are three of my favorite fast breakfasts:

1. Power Parfait

This one is so easy to eat on the run. On your way out the door, grab the ingredients for a parfait: nonfat Greek yogurt, a piece of fruit and a handful of granola. You don't even have to stop and mix them together -- just eat each item individually while you get your day started.

2. Simple Smoothie

If you have five minutes, you have time to make this super-simple smoothie. Toss a handful of ice and a scoop of whey protein into the blender along with a banana and your choice of berries. You can even make this the night before and pop it in the freezer for an even faster getaway the next morning.

3. Easy Oatmeal

My very favorite breakfast! Just add a scoop of whey protein to three-minute oatmeal and mix it up with some Stevia sweetener and a few walnuts. This is a hot, hearty meal that you can make fast.

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The Bottom Line

For the busy bride-to-be, breakfast doesn't have to take all morning. Instead of skipping out, look for ways to make it fast, fun and delicious.

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