On The Rocks

Looking for a way to keep your whiskey cold and strong? These freezable glasses do just that—we're kind of obsessed!
by Lauren kay
Frozen whiskey glass by rabbit

If you like your dram of whiskey on the cold side, this is the glass for you. Thanks to a food-safe chilling liquid, these tumblers will keep your beverage frosty without ice cubes (which can water-down the liquor's complex flavor profile). Simply freeze the glass before serving. It instantly chills liquids to ten degrees fahrenheit and keeps them cold for up to two hours. Bonus: A no-sweat silicone base will protect your hands (and your coffee table). Psst... we think this would make a killer groomsmen gift, especially when paired with a bottle of whiskey to share.

Freezable Whiskey Glasses, Rabbit, $25 for 2, Amazon.com

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