Holly & Christopher's Real Registry

by the knot

Even though they owned a lot of the typical registry items already (like pots and pans and dishes), Holly and Christopher used their wedding registry as an opportunity to upgrade and ask for those little "extras" that they hadn't splurged on. It was also about having fun -- like adding colorful new bowls and dishes to their list to give their kitchen playful pops of color.

The Couple: Holly & Christopher LaVesser
Their Wedding: August 25 in Milwaukee, WI
Where They Registered: Kohl's

Holly and Christopher's Top 5 Registry Picks

1. Nice Pots and Pans
"We have never had a nice set of pots and pans tha matched or didn't have some "issue" such as a hot handle, burned out bottom. I cannot wait to have nice pots. We cook a lot!"
Their pick: Rachael Ray 10-piece Porcelain Enamel Cookware Set

2. Playful Silverware
"I have always loved rainbow colors and this silver defines us and our hodge-podge collection of colorful dishes!"
Their pick: Fiesta Masquerade, 20-piece Flatware Set

3. Jelly Roll Pan
"Every time I want to make a Yule Log, I have to arrange to borrow this pan from my mom."
Their pick: Food Network 15" x 10" Insulated Jelly Roll Pan

4. Lasagna Pan
"Lasagna is my favorite dish. It will be served at the wedding. I make do with my 9x13 pan, but it allows for nuclear-type reactions in the oven when things get bubbling over."
Their pick: Pyrex 4-qt. Oblong Baking Dish

5. Toaster
"Sounds silly, yes, but I have never had a toaster that does the job right. Either the edges aren't done, or it has some self-regulating heater."
Their pick: Cuisinart Compact 2-Slice Toaster

Their Registry Advice

"Think about what you actually need or want and what makes sense! Don't register for a garlic press just because the registry guide suggests it. Think about each item and think about if you owned it and either how often you would use it. I can justify having many pots, pans and baking supplies because I do this on a regular basis."

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