Jennifer & Scott's Real Registry

by Emma Sarran

Jennifer and Scott carefully planned their list of places to register: Macy's for the china and bedding, Pottery Barn for the towels and home decor, Williams-Sonoma for the kitchen supplies, and Crate & Barrel for, well, pretty much everything else. The range allowed the couple to focus on their main registry goals: build up their supply of home basics and register for high-end china.

The Couple: Jennifer Skog and Scott Stewart (Check out their real wedding story!)
Their Wedding: September 15 in San Francisco, CA
Where They Registered: Crate & Barrel, Macy's, Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma

Jennifer & Scott's Top Registry Picks

1. Bedding
2. China -- "We won't have a chance to get it again," Jennifer says.
3. Blender
4. Towels
5. Toaster -- "We needed one with four slots."
6. Panini Grill -- "It's the greatest thing ever!"
7. Pots and Pans
8. Silverware

9. Slow Cooker -- "My husband loves pulled pork and salads with slow-roasted beef."
10. Food Processor

Gifts They Wish They'd Registered For

Jennifer and Scott were pretty confident in their wish list. There were a few items, though, they registered for and didn't get, like the silverware ("We needed a good set," Jennifer says) and pots and pans.

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