Laurie & Michael's Real Registry

by Cait Rohan

"Since we got married in our early 30s, Mike and I both had accumulated a lot of things over the years!" says Laurie. "After the engagement, I moved into his home and we had to do some shedding in order to avoid duplicates of certain things." The couple used their wedding registries to upgrade their essentials, and asked for luxe items like 600 thread-count sheets, plush towels, and modern kitchenware.

The Couple: Laurie and Michael Blunt (Check out their real wedding story!)
Their Wedding: August 11 in Spring Lake Heights, NJ
Where They Registered: Macy's and Crate & Barrel

Laurie & Michael's Top Registry Picks

1. Dishes -- "Mike and I both had dish sets that were outdated," says Laurie. "I was looking forward to more attractive dishes to use on a daily basis."
2. Luggage -- "We especially wanted the smaller suitcase since we both travel for work."
3. Rug cleaner -- "We wanted a compact rug cleaner that wouldn't take up too much space."
4. Cookware -- "Despite combining two sets of cookware when I moved in, we didn't have certain key pieces like a small saucepot and a 10-inch frying pan."
5. Alligator chopper -- "This makes chopping vegetables so much easier and less daunting."
6. Cinch vases -- "Since they are clear vases, you can choose to fill them with flowers or something else like colored stones or balls."
7. Storage baskets -- "We registered for a few different sizes in order to have storage flexibility."
8. Magazine baskets -- "We read a lot of books and magazines and really needed an attractive alternative to help us organize them. We registered for two and now they sit side-by-side in our family room."
9. Kitchen canisters and bread box -- "We really liked these stainless steel canisters and coordinating bread box and thought they would update our kitchen."
10. Storage ottoman -- "The beauty and functionality of this piece got us very excited."

Gift They Wish They'd Registered For

Since Laurie and Michael's registry was small, they received almost every gift that they asked for. The only thing they didn't get? "If I could have registered for window treatments, I would have," says Laurie.

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