Lisa & Mike's Real Registry

by Emma Sarran

Lisa and Mike used their registry as an opportunity to load up on basics, but with a twist. "We selected things maybe a step or two above what we would've purchased on our own -- both in quality and price," Lisa says. They chose a store that had a wide variety of options as well as nationwide locations for convenience for themselves and their guests.

The Couple: Lisa and Mike Padnes (Check out their real wedding story!)
Their Wedding: September 29 in Pittsburgh, PA
Where They Registered: Macy's

Lisa & Mike's Top Registry Picks

1. Coffeemaker -- "The kind with the built-in grinder!" Lisa says.
2. New Bedding
3. Toaster -- "My old one had seen better days!"
4. Pizza Stone -- "Doesn't everyone have to have a pizza stone?"
5. Wine Opener -- "At the end of a long day, precious seconds can be saved with a nice wine opener that does the work for you."
6. Blender/Food Processor
7. Air Mattress -- "For extra guests."
8. Knives -- "My old knives were so dull they couldn't cut water."
9. Handheld Vacuum -- "To clean up after our forever-shedding kitty."
10. Gift Cards

Gift They Wish They'd Registered For

There's one thing Lisa would register for if she had to do it all again: "A scale! The newlywed weight is creeping on, and I can't keep track of it!"

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