Michelle & Ben's Real Registry

by Emma Sarran

Michelle and Ben had their guests in mind as they created their bridal registry. “We registered for the 'household basics' with showers in mind, and then thought family would be more interested in buying china, silver, and crystal for the actual wedding gifts," Michelle says. Stocking up on home products was a priority -- Michelle was using pots and pans passed down from her mother, and Ben didn't have much at all. For convenience, they registered at national stores Bed Bath & Beyond and Crate & Barrel. “Our guests lived all over the country. Plus, Bed Bath & Beyond always has coupons, so I felt great that my guests could get a deal!"

The Couple: Michelle & Ben (Check out their Real Wedding story!)
Their Wedding: June 23 in Harrisburg, PA
Where They Registered: Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, International Villa (in Denver), Silver Superstore

Michelle & Ben's Top Registry Picks

1. China -- “I wanted to entertain and I liked the tradition of it!" Michelle says.
2. Silver -- “My mother and grandmother received china, silver, and crystal for their wedding, and I wanted to continue the tradition."
3. Crystal
4. Iron
-- To ensure Ben's shirts are crisp every morning. “He was so excited to receive it from his sister," Michelle says.
5. Pots and Pans -- “I had never, ever had a new pot or pan. I wanted to start over with my kitchen tools."
6. Knives
7. Blender -- “We drink a lot of shakes."
8. Colorful Dishtowels -- “Our new apartment was sort of bland, and I was excited to spice it up with color."
9. Zing Glasses and Pitcher from Crate & Barrel -- “I just loved their design!"
10. Salad Bowl -- “We eat a lot of salads and I thought the wood was beautiful."

Gifts They Wish They'd Registered For

The couple regrets not including a food processor and an espresso maker on their list. “Ben thought we didn't need it, but we really did!" Michelle says.

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