Sarah & Sam's Real Registry

by Emma Sarran

Sarah and Sam had already lived together for three years when they got married, so this couple decided not to register for all the basics needed to stock a newly shared home. "We opted for a minimalist approach," Sarah says. "We rounded out what we already had by choosing products that were well-made so they would last, and picked only what we needed."

The Couple: Sarah Crane and Sam Gough (Check out their real wedding story!)
Their Wedding: September 29 in Plymouth, NH
Where They Registered: Macy's, Crate & Barrel

Sarah & Sam's Top Registry Picks

1. Denby dishes -- "We didn't want both china and everyday dishes," Sarah says. "The Denby dishes are practical, yet they look nice."
2. Towels -- "We were still using the towels I bought to go to college freshman year (10 years ago)... yikes!"
3. Steak knives -- "So we didn't have to use our butter knives to cut meat."
4. Le Creuset pot -- "We love to cook. This pot is great for soups, stews, and just about anything."
5. Glasses -- "Again, we were using a random collection left over from college."

Gifts They Wish They'd Registered For

Rather than wishing they'd asked for more, Sarah and Sam were pleasantly surprised by gifts they received that weren't on their registry. One such gift was an oil painting of their outdoor ceremony site, created by Sarah's best friend's father, an artist. "It is so cool because the view is from the exact spot where we said our vows, so every time we look at it we can relive that moment," Sarah says. The couple also received other non-registry gifts they loved, such as gift cards (which they plan to put toward furniture and other "big-ticket items") and more artwork for their home.

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