Kellie and Sean's Real Registry

by Miles Stiverson

When Kellie and Sean set out to create their wedding registry, they took a practical approach: "We registered for things that we'd never buy for ourselves but that we'd need on a daily basis," Kellie says. The top priority for the couple was to choose high-quality items that would last a long time, and they stuck to certain name brands (like Nambe) that have the sort of modern design aesthetic that the couple loves.

The Couple: Kellie McNamara and Sean Surmacz
Their Wedding: June in Pittsburgh, PA
Where They Registered: Macy's

Kellie and Sean's Top Registry Picks

1. Slow cooker, beer tap, and bar set -- "These comprise Sean's favorite things for weekend dinners... slow-cooked meals served with a cold beer."
2. KitchenAid Mixer -- Kellie loves to cook, so this time- and labor-saving registry staple was a must. "It'll save my arms from mixing, which is always a plus."
3. Dyson Vacuum -- In a vacuum cleaner face-off held by our sister site, the Dyson outmatched the competition, and the vacuum's reputation had a lot to do with the couple's registry choice. "I hear that they're awesome," Kellie says, "and I've discovered that I'm an obsessive vacuumer."
4. Anything by Nambe -- "We both loved all of their items," Kellie says. "They were so sleek and modern looking."
5. Lenox Simply Fine "Chirp" Dinnerware Collection -- "We weren't sure if we were going to get china at first, but we loved the design we picked since it was so colorful and creative," Kellie says. "It will be nice to eat off of matching plates and glasses rather than our mix-match college collections."

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