Reception Slideshow Ideas

Take your party picture time to the next level.
by The Knot

Your guests are seated, the lights are dimmed, and a projection screen is lowered. It's just minutes before your big entrance as a married couple, and your friends and family have a pretty good idea of what's in store -- a photo montage that escorts everyone down memory lane. Here are some items you might want to include in your reception presentation.

Your Love Story

Sharing the story of your romance is a great way to kick off a very memorable reception. Anywhere from a few months to a few weeks before your wedding, sit down with your videographer and tell your love story -- how it began, how you feel about one another, and what you wish for in the years ahead. Your interview will be edited together with pictures and video footage, scored by your favorite songs, and ended with a shot of your engagement photo or wedding invitation. Not only will your guests be perfectly primed to celebrate your marriage, you'll have created a legacy for your future family. Imagine how amazing it would be to have footage of your grandparents, just a few weeks before they were married, talking about how they met and fell in love.

Family and Friends

They've been there for you over the years, giving their love and support to you as you've moved through your life. Got a fantastic snap of you and your best friend at high school graduation? Does your mom have a great story about how you broke the happy news of your engagement? Honor your loved ones by including their pictures and short messages of congratulations and love. Plus, you can't beat the belly laughs that come from a snapshot of you and your sister playing dress-up in tutus and fireman's helmets when you were small.

Celebrated Weddings

An old saying goes that when you marry, you marry an entire family. Celebrate that adage by including cherished wedding photos in your presentation. From the somber-looking portraits of long ago to pictures from recent weddings, celebrate the history of marriage in your families. You can also have a "then-and-now" montage by including your family members' wedding portraits followed by recent photographs of all the happy couples.

The Ceremony

It's true! Even though it will have taken place just an hour or so before, you can include footage from your wedding ceremony in your reception presentation. To do this, your videographer will edit together your reception video, leaving room to "drop in" a portion of ceremony footage or video stills. After the ceremony is over, the videographer adds the footage, performs the final edit on a laptop, and voila -- it's ready to show the world! It's worth noting that your videographer must have a camera with a removable hard drive. If this is a must-have for your video, be sure to find out if your videographer has the equipment and experience to necessary to create this type of presentation.

And remember, while it's easy to get carried away creating the perfect video, aim for a presentation that's about seven minutes long. As beautiful and moving as it will be, it should never detract from what's going on in real time -- your wedding!

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